Grub4dos Device Allocation/Numbering

Drives/devices are numbered using the following syntax in Grub4dos -

Hard Disks

Hard disks are numbered from zero -

Hard Disk - Partition Numbering

Primary partitions are numbered from zero to three -

Examples - Logical partitions are numbered from four - Examples -

Virtual CD/DVD Drives

Virtual CD/DVD drives are numbered from (hd32) to (0xFF) -

(hd32) is a grub drive number equivalent to (0xA0). If a virtual drive is specified with a drive number greater than or equal to 0xA0, then it will be treated as a cdrom (i.e. - with 2048-byte sectors).

CD/DVD Drives

Physical/real CD/DVD drives are numbered from zero -

Floppy Disk Drives

Floppy disk drives are numbered from zero -

PXE Drive

RAM Disk Drive