Creating a Hard Disk Image (1)

NOTE - mbrbatch is required if using the method below. During testing Mbrbatch did not work in LiveXP (Windows XP based PE) or Windows 7.

We will be using the formular covered here, however a further calculation is required. Assuming that the hard disk image will contain one partition starting at sector 63 and spanning the remainder of the disk, we also need to work out the partition size in sectors. The partition size can be calculated by subtracting 63 from the Total Sectors (the value calculated in step 3). To create a 1.5 GB (1536 MB) disk image -

  1. 1536 divided by 7.84423828125 = 195.8125116713352
  2. Cylinders = 195.8125116713352 rounded up/down to the nearest whole number = 196
  3. Total Sectors = 196 multiplied by 16065 = 3148740
  4. Partition size = 3148740 minus 63 = 3148677

The values above will need to be used with dd for windows and mbrbatch to create the disk image. Create directory C:\disk_images\ and copy dd.exe, mbrbatch.cmd, gsar.exe, dsfo.exe, dsfi.exe and DumpHex.exe to it (see here for download links) -

Mounting and formatting the disk image created with this method can be completed using ImDisk.

The above steps can be automated using the following batch file, which should be copied to C:\disk_images\ (highlight the text below and hold [ctrl]+[c] to copy and [ctrl]+[v] to paste into notepad, then save with a .cmd file extention) -

If using the above batch file, edit the following settings -