Creating a Superfloppy Disk Image

ImDisk is required - download and install. Basic usage is covered below (see here for a full range of options).

We will be using the formular covered here, To create a 1 GB (1024 MB) disk image -

  1. 1024 divided by 7.84423828125 = 130.5416744475568
  2. Cylinders = 130.5416744475568 rounded up/down to the nearest whole number = 131
  3. Total Sectors = 131 multiplied by 16065 = 2104515

To create a disk image using ImDisk open a command prompt (Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt) and -

The above steps can be automated using the following batch file (highlight the text below and hold [ctrl]+[c] to copy and [ctrl]+[v] to paste into notepad, then save with a .cmd file extention) -

If using the above batch file, edit the following settings -

Note - a disk image created with this method and formatted with NTFS has been known to display errors when mapped to memory (see boot-land topic here). The 1 GB disk image created in the example above produced the following error -

NTFS BPB found with 0xEB (jmp) leading the boot sector.
info: BPB total_sectors(2104514) is less than the number of sectors in the whol
e disk image(2104515).

probed C/H/S = 131/255/63, probed total sectors = 2104514

The above error did not effect the operating system, which booted successfully and ran without errors. Interestingly the same image did not display any errors when formated using FAT or FAT32.