The firadisk driver can be used to access a Grub4dos RAM drive from a Windows Operating System (both Windows Preinstallation Environments (BartPE, LiveXP, etc) and full Windows systems (XP, 7, etc)). It can also be used to boot a Windows XP system from a disk image loaded (mapped) into system memory as a RAM drive.

Firadisk will only detect RAM disks mapped using Grub4dos. I would therefore recommend that you install and test Grub4dos before proceeding (see here for a detailed Grub4dos guide - if Windows 2000/XP/2003 is already installed on your system try the Load via ntldr install method).

Firadisk version was used during testing. Firadisk is a continually evolving project, therefore some of the information contained in this guide may not apply to previous versions, or be applicable to future versions.

This guide contains detailed walkthroughs with instructions for -

I hope that the instructions contained within this guide are detailed enough for anyone to follow. A basic knowlege is assumed - if you cannot start a command prompt and/or do not like using command line tools then quit now.

I recommended that you back up your system and any important data as some of the steps in this guide could result in data loss. Test the integrety of your backups and ensure that you know how to restore them before proceeding. I do not take any responsibility for any problems caused by following this guide - you do so at your own risk. If you have any concerns about testing the methods in this guide on a real system then try testing on a Virtual Computer (freeware VirtualBox recommended - tested using version 1.6.2).

If you have any questions regarding firadisk then please read the boot-land topic here. Your question may already have been answered - if not then register at the forum and post your question.

Before starting the walkthrough please note the following -