Installing XP From An .iso File

It is possible to use the firadisk driver to install Windows XP from an .iso file without editing the Windows installation media. The following method has been adapted from posts here and here by boot-land member fujianabc.

This method requires a floppy disk image (containing the firadisk drivers and a setup file txtsetup.oem) and a Windows installation CD image file.

To create the floppy disk image -

  1. Use ImDisk to create and mount a floppy disk image C:\firadisk.ima as drive R: with the following command -
    imdisk -a -s 1440K -m R: -o fd -f C:\firadisk.ima -p "/fs:fat"
  2. Create file R:\txtsetup.oem containing the following text -
  3. Copy firadisk.inf, firadisk.sys and firadisk64.sys to drive R:
  4. Unmount drive drive R: using the following command -
    imdisk -d -m R:

Method 1

Install windows XP from a Grub4dos bootable USB drive (this assumes that the BIOS supports USB booting and recognises the USB drive as a hard disk type device (hd)) -