Grub4dos Guide - Loading/Installing Grub4dos

Create folder C:\Grub4dos. Download the latest Grub4dos *.zip package (see here) and extract the contents to the folder you’ve just created, then choose one of the following methods -

Loading/Installing Grub4dos -

NOTE - Grub4dos is not compatible with all PC's. I would therefore recommend that you test running Grub4dos before installing it to a MBR or partition boot sector, using either a Grub4dos bootable CD/DVD (see here) or Floppy disk (see here). Alternatively consider using -

If using any of the above methods it will be easy to remove Grub4dos if it is not compatible with your system - simply delete the Grub4dos entry from the relevant configuration file (e.g. boot.ini, syslinux.cfg, menu.lst, etc) and delete grldr/grub.exe.