Grub4dos Guide - Using grldr as no-emulation bootsector on CD/DVD

To Install grub4dos to CDROM you will need the command line tool mkisofs - place it in the C:\Grub4dos folder. Using mkisofs will create a disc image (.ISO format) - the image file will need to be burnt to a CD using a third party tool (e.g. ImgBurn or Nero). The following information has been taken from README_GRUB4DOS.txt (included with Grub4dos download). Create directory C:\Grub4dos\iso_root. Copy C:\Grub4dos\grldr and menu.lst (if using a configuration file) to the root of C:\Grub4dos\iso_root folder. Two different commands can be used to create a Grub4dos CD/DVD. Open a command prompt and use the command CD C:\Grub4dos to set C:\Grub4dos as the working directory. Then enter either the command -

mkisofs -R -b grldr -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -o grldr.iso iso_root

or -

mkisofs -R -b grldr -no-emul-boot -boot-load-seg 0x1000 -o bootable.iso iso_root

The first method is the safest to use as it should be compatible with older BIOS's - it will load the first sector of grldr, the program then loads the rest from CD. Method 2 will attempt to load the whole of grldr.