Grub4dos Guide - Acknowledgements

Many people have contributed to this project. Thanks to everyone who posted feedback on the Grub4dos Guide thread at boot-land.

This guide is dedicated to Jaclaz, without whose help it would not have been completed. As Jaclaz was responsible for getting me started with Grub4dos, I sent him my first draft with a request for his input. He replied by sending me a "few notes" (14 pages), with his permission they were incorporated into this guide. Jaclaz has also offered his help throughout - giving valuable input on a number of draft versions and proofing the final draft. In addition he has consistently supported Grub4dos users in a number of forums. Grazie Jaclaz.

Thanks to ilko for his contributions, suggestions and support.

Thanks also to tinybit, bean and all of the other Grub4dos developers (past and present) for their work.

Last but not least - thanks to Nuno Brito for his generosity in hosting my work.