This plugin based on a post by Malice here in the 911cd forum - adapted by diddy

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ImageX is a command-line tool for working with Windows Image (.wim) files. It can be used to mount existing .wim files and can save any changes to the mounted image. ImageX can also be used to capture an image (for backing up a partition or volume or folder), it can also compress the files within the captured image. For a full list of available commands/options run imagex.exe at the command prompt.


You will need to install the Windows Automated Installation Kit (available here). Copy the following files from "C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\x86" (substitute x86 for amd64 or ia64 if using a different processor architecture) to the "plugin\imagex\files" directory in your pebuilder directory -
* imagex.exe
* intlcfg.exe
* wimfltr.sys
* wimgapi.dll

This plugin has not been tested with a Windows 2003 source. If using XP sourcefiles you will need to have the KB914882 Hotfix integrated (it's included in the WAIK - for instructions on integrating a hotfix see here).

ImageX is a file based backup tool and will not capture a partitions bootsector. To (re)install an NTLDR or BOOTMGR bootsector you will need Bootsect.exe. Copy it from a Vista DVD if you want to include it (it's in the boot folder) - to "plugin\imagex\files" directory