Speedtouch 330 USB Modem

Plugin by diddy

download (.zip)
download (.7z)

*NOTE* This plugin has been tested using Windows XP source, using pebuilder v3.1.10a. - it functions under nu2shell and xpe (v1.0.4) shells

I've tested this plugin with the Thompson Speedtouch 330 modem - driver versions 301.0.0.12 (downloaded from here)

You will also require a plugin for connecting to the internet - I've tested with AEC's Dialup Networking Support (ras.inf v1.2 - translated from Greek to English by this-is-me) - downloaded from here. This works for me in the UK however it might not work elsewhere, depending on what protocol is used in your own country


Copy all files and folders from %Systemdrive%\Program Files\Thompson\Speedtouch USB directory in a working XP system with the Speedtouch modem already installed to plugin\speedtouch\files directory.

If your PE build environment has a writable %systemdrive% (e.g. if using FBWF plugin or running from SDI in RAM) and %TEMP% environment variables are set to the %systemdrive% this plugin should work as is. If running with a non writable %systemdrive% you will need to copy rasphone.pbk from your working XP installation and create the following directory structure at the root of your CD - Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk\rasphone.pbk