Install Windows 2000

Please read this section carefully as the steps used in naming the Windows 2000 files when PXE booting differ from the instructions in the XP and 2003 sections of this guide. The following has been taken from Gianluigi Tiesi's "OpenSource Implementation of MS RIS Server" guide ...

"A special case is Windows 2000, there is bug(?) in win2k setup loader that appends the needed filename, to the string pxelinux.0 .... you will need to use different names for the ntdetect and the response file"

... the last line "...use different names for the ntdetect and the response file" refers to appending the name of the PXE boot file (e.g. add string pxelinux.0 or grldr if using grub4dos) to the files and winnt.sif (after they have been copied/created in the tftp root directory). For a more detailed explanation of the files required to install Windows 2000 via RIS please read the Windows 2000/XP/2003 PXE Files and Winnt.sif sections.

Steps 1-7 (below) can be automated by running 6a_RIS.cmd

  1. Extract startrom.n12 from C:\PXE\tftpboot\win2k\i386\STARTROM.N1_ to C:\PXE\tftpboot\ . Open a command prompt and enter the following command -
    C:\PXE\tools\7za.exe e C:\PXE\tftpboot\win2k\i386\startrom.n1_ -o"C:\PXE\tftpboot" startrom.n12
  2. Extract setupldr.exe from C:\PXE\tftpboot\win2k\i386\setupldr.ex_ to C:\PXE\tftpboot\  by entering the following command -
    C:\PXE\tools\7za.exe e C:\PXE\tftpboot\win2k\i386\setupldr.ex_ -o"C:\PXE\tftpboot" setupldr.exe
  3. Copy from C:\PXE\tftpboot\win2k\i386\  to C:\PXE\tftpboot\  and rename as (or if using grub4dos)
  4. Open notepad and enter the following text, then save as C:\PXE\tftpboot\pxelinux.0winnt.sif (or grldrwinnt.sif if using grub4dos). Remember to change the IP address for the server if it was not set as (refer to Winnt.sif section) -
    OsLoadOptions = "/fastdetect"
    ; Needed for first stage
    SetupSourceDevice = "\Device\LanmanRedirector\\tftpboot\win2k"

    floppyless = "1"
    msdosinitiated = "1"
    ; Needed for second stage
    OriSrc = "\\\tftpboot\win2k\I386"
    OriTyp = "4"
    LocalSourceOnCD = 1
    DisableAdminAccountOnDomainJoin = 1

    ; ProductID=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx
  5. Rename C:\PXE\tftpboot\startrom.n12 as startrom.0
  6. Rename C:\PXE\tftpboot\setupldr.exe as ntldr
  7. Add a menu entry -

If you plan to add options to install another operating system via RIS or to add a Windows XP/2003 based WinPE image then follow the instructions below as (or, ntldr, startrom.0 and pxelinux.0winnt.sif (or grldrwinnt.sif) will need to be renamed and the embedded settings within these files will need editing.

To automate the following steps run 6a_RIS.cmd to complete steps 1-6, then run 6c_RIS.cmd -

To install 2000 to a client PC ensure that C:\PXE\tftpd32\tftpd32.exe and C:\PXE\binl\binlsrv.exe have been started, then boot the client PC using PXE boot option and select the Install Windows 2000 menu option.