Using the Guide

References to IP address refer to my own server - replace this IP address as required to reflect your own setup, using either the Private (LAN) IP address of the server or the Public IP address of the server's internet gateway.

The methods covered in this guide and all tools/programs have been tested on Windows XP/7 (32-bit) systems - compatibility with other operating systems cannot be guaranteed.

Throughout the guide any text with a      highlight (e.g. C:\Program Files\openssh\bin\mkpasswd.exe), is a file and/or path. It can also indicate a folder that needs to be created.

Any text with a      highlight (e.g. mkpasswd.exe -l -u Administrator >> ..\etc\passwd), is a command. It can also indicate a text string (e.g. in a .cmd file or configuration file entry) or output from a command prompt.

Any text within [ ] brackets is a keyboard input - e.g. [Enter] = press "Enter" key.

A quick note on printing the guide - make sure printing background colours and images is enabled within your browser, or text highlights (for commands and files etc) will not be printed.